Free book, anyone?

Are you on Goodreads? There is a giveaway right now to win one of two signed paperback copies of my newest book, Kindred Spirits, third in the Family by Choice series. All you have to do is click here, then scroll down and find the “enter to win” button, and click on that! And if you win… don’t forget that the best thing you can do to support authors you love is to leave a review!

Book launch!!

Please join me for the launch of my latest book, Kindred Spirits, the third novel in the Family by Choice series!

kscoverSaturday October 25th 2014, 3:00-5:00 PM at the Comic Book Shoppe 2 (228 Bank St, Ottawa, ON, Canada)

There will be free candy, because, HALLOWEEN, but also…


Because I’m a big baby and I LOVE dressing up, I suggested this… and people went with it!!! But only if this was optional. So yes it is optional, but be convinced that I ABSOLUTELY will be wearing a costume – and I will post pictures here after the fact to prove it!!

Come dressed as your favorite superpowered character, and there will be a prize for the best costume! 

Excited? Well, I am. Please come share the happy!


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Monsters in Horror Fiction

As some of you may know, I participated in The Conference for Canadian Content in Speculative Art and Literature last weekend, and spoke on a few panels. One of those panels was titled “No More Sparkly Vampires! Scary Monsters in Fiction, and I had the privilege of having a very lively and incredibly interesting conversation with Kevin T. Johns, Timothy Carter, Derek Newman-Stille and Mike Rimar. The conversation started by us describing what monsters mean to us, and went on to be about humanity (or lack thereof) of the characters themselves, the concept of black and white and all the gray areas in between, bullying, and social relationships in general. I’m glad someone filmed it!



On character motivation and the coming of age story – the burdens we choose

I was starting to update this site for the upcoming release of my third novel, Kindred Spirits, but in the course of doing so I found this guest post I did for my blog tour following the release of Brothers In Arms. My main character for this series, Alex Winters, is very young, but burdened with heavy responsibilities. If a character grows to adulthood over the course of a whole series, is that still a coming of age series? What does becoming an adult even mean? See my answers here.

New Review!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here, but I was too excited about this new review not to share it. You can find it here!


Incidentally, if any of you would like to read about any subject in particular, please let me know via email or Facebook… and I’ll write a post about it!